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Epic Mech Wars

Level up to 60 with amazing sci-fi based RPG character development and multi-stage sci-fi missions with game rewards. Optimized for retina display, and developed for iPhone and iPad. Fully 3D animated mechs battle it out with stunning movie-like visual effects and an original stereo soundtrack. Epic Mech Wars was created using the Unity 3D game engine by creator Neal Nellans from the Digital Studio, Tiny Utopia.

SXSW Walmart VR Shopping Experience

Involved in development of a VR Walmart experience that premiered at SXSW displaying the possibilities of future tech enhancing customers shopping experience in future Walmart stores

Salesforce Astros River Run Challenge

Ever wanted to go on a wild river rafting adventure? We helped develop the exclusive Dreamforce premiered Astro’s River Run—a VR experience in the Lightning Rapids. In this fun, virtual reality game, you can compete against friends for high scores and a chance to win prizes.

World Rally Racing HD

3D mobile game that featured the driver's world championship and manufacturer's world championship are similar events which will challenge your driving skill in a mix of pure arcade cart racing action and World Rally Championship / Global RallyCross Championship style events.

Bear Pack

Bear Pack, is a fast paced, single player stuffed bear sorting puzzle game where players square off for the best scores and flawless sorting by controlling multiple switch controls. The game features vibrant hand drawn animation special effects and original cartoon inspired 3D puzzle designs with intuitive controls, and a sensational soundtrack.


Daily use of the Obelisk has proven to increase memory retention, hand and eye skill and a reduced heart rate as the calming effect of the puzzles design allows the player to reach a fully zen and meditative state. "Mystery" is a loosely-defined term for either unsolved problems (especially unsolved crimes) and for the (alleged) "paranormal".

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